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Mimi’s Tape Measure
(Kit includes: Chart, Tape, Linen, Floss,
Charm, Template boards
and finishing instructions.
Needlework Garden Scissor Case
(Kit includes: Chart, Linen, Floss,
JAB button, snaps, Lining
and all Finishing instructions.
Scissor Keep
(Kit includes: Prefinished lining
with needle page attached,
Linen, Floss, Ribbon, Charm,
Chart and finishing instructions.
Mermaid Mending Box
(Kit includes: Handmade wooden lined burl box,
linen, floss, charms, needle, templates and
chart with finishing instructions.
Elephant & Bees Bolster Case
(Kit includes: Wooden Elephant thread pallet,
Linen, Floss, Needle, Lining, Chart
and finishing instructions
Turtle Needlebook
(Kit includes: Wood Turtle Thread Keep, Chart,
Linen, Floss, Ribbon, Charm, Needlepage
and all finishing supplies with finishing instructions)
Waste Knot Tape
(Kit includes: Tape, Linen, Floss,
Needle, Spool, Chart with all
finishing supplies and instructions)
Lollipop Scissor Case
(Kit includes: Wooden Thread Handle,
Linen, Floss, Needle, Temples, Lining,
Ribbon, Chart and finishing instructions)
Tea Cup Needle
book & pin disc
(Chart only with finishing instructions)
Pyn Purse
(Kit includes: Chart, Linen, Overdyed Floss,
Cording, Embellishments & finishing instructions)
Frog Notes
(Kit includes: Linen, floss,
needle, note pad, templates,
chart and finishing instructions
Waste Knot Needle Case
(Kit includes: Linen, Floss,
Needle, Lining, Suede, Ribbon,
Template boards, chart and
finishing instructions.
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Kit includes: Chart, Linen, Floss, Button,
Ribbon, Needle, and finishing instructions
for the Sachet. Box sold separately.
Mending Box – “It’s never too late to mend”
(Kit includes: Handmade lined wooden box
Linen, Floss, Lid Closure, Lining,
Template Boards, Chart and finishing instructions)
Kindly Remember
(Includes chart, Linen and Charm
Woodland Needlebook
( Chart Only)


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